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Est-Alfa K9 Security Service - guard dogs
Our  Guard dogs  usually work in teams of 2 and patrol their assigned areas.
  • At no time do your employees come into contact with the guard dog.
  • Signs warning potential trespassers of the guard dogs will be posted. Fencing will be checked daily to prevent unnecessary incidents.  
  • There are no minimum hours
  • We have very competitive rates
  • Short and long term security contacts.
  • Guard dogs are dependable and become territorial of their posts. Unlike security guards they do not call in sick or sleep on the job. Guard dogs are equal opportunity attackers.
Est-Alfa K9 Security Service - guard dogs 
 K-9 Guard on the motionless block-post
The motionless block-post assumes protection of small sites of territory (a gate, doors, windows, narrow passage, a corridor, etc.) from intervention of unathorized persons. A guard zone up to 5 m. The dog works on the circuit that depending on specific location of  a column or chain attached to wall. About a motionless post the wooden canopy, tent or shelter established.
Est-Alfa K9 Security Service - guard dogs K-9 Guard on the mobile block-post
The mobile block-post assumes protection of territories and facilities, preventing tresspasing of offenders through a corridor controllable by a dog. The mobile block-post is established along protections, fences or buildings with a lot of not protected windows and doors. Length of the guard post up to 80 m. The mobile post (block-post) will consist of two columns with delays and the cable tense between them. At the equipment the block-post the district on its all extent is cleared for width of 5-6 meters. In the middle the block-post is established tent or shelter.
The dog is exposed on a post in night or not-working hours.
Free Guard
Free guard work of dogs without chain or block-post indoors or in the fenced territory refers to:
Est-Alfa K9 Security Service - guard dogsa) Territories Free Guard
Free guard of territories can be carried out in two versions: in specially equipped on perimeter of territory corridors or by free moving on a site/ property. Guard by free moving on a site is applied to the small fenced territories with warehouse or industrial facilities, parkings, etc.
b) Free guard in corridors is carried out on the sites enclosed block and mesh fences, forming a corridor of width 3-4 meters, the fence is done by height 2-2,5 m. For an admission of a guard dog in a corridor the gate which after exhibiting a dog to a post is closed on the lock.  Extent of a post (corridor) for one dog should not exceed 80-100 meters. In the center of a post the shelter is established.
c) Facilities Free Guard Free guard of trading, warehouse and industrial structures is carried out by the dogs who are being indoors and open territories with reliable fences. At such guard the dog is exposed on a post in night and a time off.

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